Founded in 2016, MASSACHI is the creative mind and vision of one woman: Founder, Designer, and Chief Executive Officer
Patricia Massachi Yadegar.

For Patricia, it literally and creatively began in Los Angeles. After high school, Patricia studied Business Management until realizing her true calling of fashion design. Trading economics for designing, she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she instantaneously noticed her unique eye for design and complemented her sharp sense of style. With clear vision, determination, and strong passion for success Patricia had the motivation and drive to push herself to the limit. After developing an affinity for design and outfitted with her talent, Patricia began the journey towards her dream: creating high-end, price-pointed woman’s contemporary that still offered clean fluid lines, timeless aesthetic, and intricate detailing in luxe fabrics that speaks to the modern woman who owns her own individuality.

MASSACHI is dedicated to the beautiful, the intricate, the obscure, and the alluring. Rich colors, evocative cuts, structured silhouettes, flawless construction, and attention to detail are the foundation of today’s MASSACHI philosophy and culture, which has given life to a unique concept of alternative luxury defining femininity and elegance.  Her natural need of preciseness, rigor, and her radical cuts is expressed through a style inspired by her culture of bold sensuality for a polished aesthetic fusing exquisite detailing with supreme femininity.

“For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions, determined to seduce all senses” says Patricia. Patricia’s attention to detail has ensured that the unique cuts and shapes that MASSACHI employ set a new standard for woman’s contemporary. The fact that no MASSACHI garment goes into final production unless Patricia is sure she would wear it herself is testament to her devotion to maintaining her label’s high-end aesthetic. Principles of innovative craftsmanship, flawless execution, unparalleled style, and effortless sophistication further compliment the label’s stance as one of luxury, indulgence, and fragility.